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About us is the first global marketplace for the sale of protected inventions and patents. Our goal is to provide inventors a platform to sell and market their inventions. Unlike open innovation communities, is not a social network for communication between inventors and researchers, but is a marketplace for already protected inventions. As a result, prospective license-ready technologies can be found which can be quickly implemented into a finished product. facilitates technology transfer in a way that up to now did not exist or only happened with great organizational and time requirements. From small companies, universities, or private patent holders, is the global marketplace for ideas. offers

For inventors

  • promotion of patents
  • secure upload of photos and documents
  • embedding of videos
  • market research tools
  • evaluation of projects
  • invitation of interested parties

For invention seekers

  • notification of new projects
  • quick and simple contact with inventors
  • newsletter with relevant projects in product categories

Uploading your invention is free of charge.

Through this business model, money is saved on both sides. This is made possible by employing an unused patent, which would otherwise be a pure expense factor. Licensees save on expensive in- house development an receive a finalized protected technology, whose price can be exactly calculated.

Through, patent holders receive greater exposure for their inventions through high ranking in google searches such as “patent” or “invention”. offers its registered inventors a guide that explains the process of strategic marketing in a step-by-step guide.

About us

Throughout our long careers as invention advisers and marketers, we have always stood behind the case that “for protection there are always places to go for help and consultation, but there are no inexpensive ways for market commercialization.”

As we optimized within our company the patent application process through several tools, checklists, and databases it became apparent that we create a site that is available for inventors that combines these tools in a simple form.

How can producers, license holders, and distributors be reached? This question has been answered in a step-by-step guide to aid inventors to bring their idea into commercial reality.

Inventors are busy inventing and may not have the time or know-how to develop their own marketing or distribution strategies, or may prefer that these tasks are undertaken by professionals. This is where can be of great assistance to the inventor.