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What is the goal of

Our goal is to provide inventors a platform to sell and market their inventions and to provide invention seekers (i.e. entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors) new business ideas and partners. As lovers of the creative mind, and knowing the difficulties that inventors face to turn their idea into a market success, we strive to provide inventors with one more tool which they can use to promote their idea. For many inventors, to create their own website is either an extra cost, or they may simply not have the technical skills to do it themselves. As a result using saves you time and money.

How much does it cost to use is free of charge to use. There are no costs to register, no costs to upload your invention, nor costs to contact other members. Moreover does not charge any commission or fees from inventors or invention seekers.

What services does offer? offers services for Inventors and Invention Seekers.

As an Inventor, offers you the following services:

  • Your own webpage for your invention where you can upload photos, videos, and related documents such as technical drawings to help you in your promotion efforts.
  • Market research tools
  • Feedback and product evaluation from the community
  • The ability to find new business partners and contacts

As an Invention Seeker, offers you the following services:

  • Access to prospective license-ready technologies which can be quickly implemented into a finished product.
  • New business ideas and partners
  • Quick and simple contact with inventors
  • Notification of new products and ideas within your field of interest

Who are the people behind was founded by Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler, who have more than 15 years of marketing inventions and innovative ideas. For further professional background information about the company and its founders, please click here.

Will interfere with my negotiations?

No. does not interfere in any way whatsoever in communication between any users on the site.

I have an invention that is not patented. Can I list it on

No. Only protected ideas and inventions can be listed on If you have an idea that is not yet patented, we recommend as a first step to contact the Patent Office in your country fur further guidance. Links to Patent Offices worldwide can be found here.

Will my idea be stolen if I list it on

No. Since only accepts ideas that are already patented, there is no risk of your idea being stolen since you as the inventor have already gone through the steps to protect it by securing a patent. Please note that your patent is only valid in countries where you have filed for protection.

How can be free to use? How do you earn money?

Unlike the majority of invention promotion companies whose business model is based upon selling their services to you,'s revenue generation model is similar to popular free sites such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook: future revenue will be generated through advertising placed on the website.