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The MDX Ball Type Kelly Valve provides a quick, sure shutoff in the drill string that can repay the cost of the valve quickly in the mud savings and kick protection.This valve can be used as either an upper or lower kelly cock. It has an exclusive corrugated spring to insure a positive seal. Standard pressure rating is 10,000 pound test, but higher pressure ratings are available on special order. The ball is stainless steel, and closes easily. The MDX Kelly valve is full-opening, so it does not interfere with the running of tools such as core barrels or survey instruments. Its streamlined O.D. is the same as the tool joint O.D.
Upper Kelly Valve:The MDX Kelly Valve is also available with left-hand threads for use as an upper kelly cock. When used between the kelly and swivel, it provides a positive means for shutting off flow in the drill string at any time. The inline body design will not hang up on the cat line or interfere with operations.
Lower Kelly Valve:When used as a lower kelly cock, the MDX Kelly Valve provides a closure to stop mud loss when the kelly is disconnected from the drilling string. Just close the valve before disconnecting and mud in the kelly and hoses stays there. With the cost of oil mud, biopolymers and other costly drilling fluids, the valve can pay for itself quickly. The rig floor and substructure stays much cleaner and safer as well. Its streamlined O.D. allows it to pass through the blowout preventer smoothly.

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