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Float (check) valve is usually installed in float subs (long subs bored out for a specific float) and prevent fluids from backing up in your drill string while adding/removing rods. The type available of float valve as below:
Model F (plunger valve):Instantaneous shut off against high or low pressure, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling.
Model FC (Automatic Fill valve) Automatic feature allows drill pipe to fill from the bottom, removing the mess, hazards, and lost time from filing. When running in the hole, automatic fill feature eliminates the ‘ram effect’ preventing the down hole pressure surges that can cause formation damage.
Model G (Full open valve, flapper type):When circulation stops, flapper closes instantly to prevent cuttings from entering drill string and plugging bit. Valve opens when the first joint is raised out of hole assuring the first joints drain and are not pulled wet. Saves mud and avoids safety hazard and downtime.
Model GA (Differential Pressure Monitoring Valve):Hardened 1/4in. diameter tungsten carbide orifice bean insert in flapper to provide automatic partial filling of drill pipe during running in.
Model GC (Automatic Fill Flapper Valve)Uses low carbon steel “automatic fill” key assembly that allows pipe to fill from bottom.
Model GCA (Automatic Fill with differential pressure monitoring valve)Incorporate both GC and GA
Model GS (non-ported flapper) and GAS (ported flapper)For high flow and erosion resistance,
made of alloy steel and unique flapper relief to reduce flapper spring and pin wear. Option to have tungsten carbide coating on flapper face.

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