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The bucking units are important equipment used to make up /break out and maintain all kinds of drill tools , drill stems and down-hole tools for petroleum and geological prospecting. In our company , the YCJ-25 type bucking unit is designed and manufactured based on the advanced technology from the same equipment domestic and abroad as well as combination with the actual situation and characteristic of petroleum industry in China.
It is applicable for assembly & disassembly and maintenance and testing of all kinds of drill tools, well-hole tools, test tools, cementing tools and different specially tubular for petroleum exploration and geological prospecting.
Available with the following advantages: with great torque of make-up /break-out for assembly or disassembly of work-piece; with large diameter range suitable for tube fittings; without slippage or biting the working surface when make-up or break out; with quick make-up; push-pull hydraulic cylinder provides axial push-pull forces to make-up/break-out of the work piece. It has enjoyed best reputation from customers domestic and abroad.
2 3/8"to 20" Diameter Capacity
Synchronized Clamp Cylinders in Movable Chuck and Shock Screwing Chuck.
Automatic torque control system can be provided according to the request of customers.
360ºContinuous Rotation Headstock is optional.

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