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Hydraulic jar tester is an important tool used for testing the drilling tool, pipe stem and down hole tool in all kinds of oil well and geological. YSJ150 Hydraulic Jar Tester is designed by our company absorb the foreign advanced technique, combine with the character and current level of national petroleum industry. Advantages such as convention operation, steady and pull strength high, it suitable for testing pull performance and pressure performance of jar, shock absorber, accelerator etc.
YSJ150 hydraulic jar tester is mainly consisted in two parts: hydraulic control table and test bench. Hydraulic control table is mainly consisted in oil tank, electromotor, plunger pump, reversing valve, computer monitor system, etc. Hydraulic jar tester is mainly consisted in hydraulic cylinder, frame, active cart, active frame, fix pin, etc.
YSJ150 Hydraulic jar tester is provided power resource by electromotor drive the plunger pump, at work, the tested product should be lay between active cart and active frame.

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