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Machinery description
To hold up to 50tons. The equipment has a heavy clamping leaf chain, "V" shaped support plate and tong
dies able to hold a wide variety of tubular components.The equipment equipped with an air hydraulic
pump designed to safely latch the chain to the vise allowing service to be performed without the tools
slipping. The equipment is able to withstand torques up to 25,000 ft-ibs.
structure of equipment
The equipment consist of column support mechanism, "V" shaped support frame with tong dies, air-driven hydraulic pump, air compressor, single acting hydraulic cylinder, air vent valve, industrial chain and no tubing.
Technical Characteristics
1. pipe scope:3’’—12’’
2. Max torque:25000FT-LBS
3. load bearing:50T
4. replaceable tong dies
operating steps
1. Start air compressor
2.Put the pipe dismantled on the "V"shape support plate.
3.Put the chain from the top of the pipe into the interval between the clamp handle and top tight block.
4.Lower lock handle and tighten the chain.
5.Stamp on the pedal of the air-driven hydraulic pump,and observe the hydraulic clamping pressure, when it up to the standard pressure, you can remove the thread.

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