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Description : Releasing Spears provide a dependable, inexpensive, and simple means of engaging a fish internally. These Spears assure positive engagement, easy release from the fish when desired, and easy re-engagement after the Spear has been released.
Features: Releasing Spear consists of a Mandrel, Grapple, Release Ring, and Nut. The Mandrel may be obtained in either a Flush Type or a Shoulder Type. Mandrel top connections are furnished to order.
The Nut can be obtained as a plain bull nose guide or with a pin connection for the attachment of other tools below the Spear.
Assembly and Operation:
To Assemble: Screw the Grapple onto the Mandrel from the lower end with a left-hand action. Slide the Release Ring on below the helical section of the Mandrel and make up the Nut to the Mandrel. Before running in, screw the Grapple down against the Release Ring as far as it will go by hand. In this position, the Grapple will compress inward and will not engage the pipe sufficiently to interfere with the tool being run in.
To Engage the Fish: When the Spear has reached the point of desired engagement with the fish, rotate sufficiently to move the Mandrel one full turn to the left. This turns the Mandrel down through the Grapple, placing the Grapple into the engaging position. A straight pull will then wedge the Grapple into positive engagement with the fish.
To Release: Bump down to break the freeze, then rotate two or three turns to the right. This moves the Mandrel up through the Grapple, forcing the Grapple against the Release Ring and putting the Spear in released position. A straight upward pull will then generally free the Spear; however, it is recommended that the Spear be rotated slowly to the right when coming out. The matching cams of the Release Ring and Nut constitute a safety device which resists freezing or jamming.

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