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Biking has surpassed beyond the world of just exercise enthusiasts. With the advent of the low-slung Cruiser bike style, the popularity of bike baskets; it’s safe to say that the world of biking has progressed far into the mainstream. Everyone from the exercise enthusiast to the average Joe Schmo and his family are buying bike products, joining bike clubs and generally participating within the biking community. However, when surveying my potential consumers about their biking habits, a glaring problem was overturned. These casual new bikers have different bike habits than your Iron Marathon bikers, and more specifically: they’re drinking more than just water. Over 80% of the people I surveyed indicated that they stop for coffee or smoothies while biking and have nowhere to put them. One woman in my focus group even recounted telling a story of buying smoothies on the road for her and her sons, and having to bungee-cord them into their bike baskets. There is no product that adequately allows the casual biker consumer to purchase a coffee or a smoothie and take it with them on their bike. The only options that are available to customers are primarily for water bottles. My product works by way of three rungs attached to a strong, slender backboard which is then attached to the consumer’s bike basket via an R-clamp that would hook over the top of the consumer’s bike basket. Tested in various different simulations and tests, the R-clamp is significant as it was found to tightly grip the top of all different bike basket designs available. The clamp then is attached to the top of the consumer’s bike basket, and the cup would go on the inside!

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