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Route Planning Algorithm for Various Combinations of Traveler Requirement Criterions and Modes
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Route Planning Algorithm for Various Combinations of Traveler Requirement Criterions and Modes

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Now a day’s various vehicles are available for the purpose of traveling and goods carrying. But the three major ways are by land, sea and air in various travel modes. According to the geographical arrangement of the world, the distance, time and cost varies in these three ways between the same source and destination.
In traveling the user requirement mainly on travel criterions and travel modes. The three main user requirement criterions in travel are shortest, fastest and cheapest. The travel modes may be by bus, train or flight. Throughout the globe traveling across various continents and countries by any one of the ways (or mode) will not optimize the user requirement criterions. For that a suitable route planning algorithm is proposed.
The entire user ever wants a solution to reach the destination in the criteria combination of shortest, fastest and cheapest. But we can not always get a best solution for the above case. Some times the user gives more important on time but not on distance and cost. Like that, there are eight possible combinations of these three criterions. On that all these eight combinations (except not shortest, not fastest and not cheapest), the suitable way of travel is taken between the various terminals are grouped to form the travel between the source and destination. The user may prefer some set of travel modes to travel. For example the user may want to travel by only bus and train and not by flight and vice versa. So the algorithm will result the travel modes between the terminals only on the preferred modes.
The user may give the preference on some criterions and select some travel modes. There may be many number of travel modes are available, but in this system up to three travel modes are allowed, for example it may be bus, train or flight. Otherwise it may be considered as travel by land, sea or air. The algorithm selects the mode of travel between the terminals, in between the source and destination according to the user required criterions.
The algorithm provides totally 49 different combinations of choices for travelers to select in travel criterions and modes. This algorithm can be applied not only in travel but also in the field of operating system kernel design, robotic arm movement etc., by modifying some logics.
The algorithm contains 19 steps. It is protected on the provisional patent application number US 61/984,761. The 94 page complete pseudo code will be provided at the time of purchasing. It is open for sale for mere 10000USD.
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