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Now a days the domestic fans used are consuming electric power and can not be used in the places of inflammable risk and congested rooms. In the places of inflammable risk, for example mines, the petroleum refining plants etc., we can not use the fans using electric current is not safety and handled with more precautions. The residencies located in the air congested places are not suitable to use the electric fans inside the rooms. It may cause the burning of coils of armature. This non electric manual portable fan eliminates the electric power and coil by air and fins.
Filling the air by pumping manually (or by any pumping device) through the mouth of the balloon stores the air to get energy to rotate the rod. Filling the balloon may be done at some other place by any compressor. Then the balloon may be placed at the clip of the stand. The balloon nozzle releases the air with sharp and high pressure on the fins of the rod to rotate the rod. The fan leafs connected with the rod by ball bearing get rotated by air pressure. The pressure inside the balloon may be controlled using valve and the required pressure level can be maintained. The speed of the fan leaf can be controlled by adjusting the knob fitted at the nozzle. For filling the balloon the manual pumping may take one or two minutes but it rotates for several minutes.
It may be used not only the domestic purpose but also for camp purposes of various inflammable places even there is no electric power. The manufacturing cost of this fan unit is very less comparing the electric fans. So lakhs and crores of this fan unit may be sold in various countries. The under developing countries where the electric power production is not sufficient also utilize this fan unit. It is protected on the provisional patent application number US62/015,470. It is ready for sale for mere 2000USD.
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