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When laying tiles on a surface veneering necessary that between the tiles are identical seams and the tiles have to be aligned in the same plane.

To do this, there are now many different devices. But when a small amount of tiling work, it makes no sense to buy an expensive device.

One of the cheapest and most commonly purchased devices are crosses. But they only help you align the seams between the tiles. And thus there is no inexpensive devices to align the tile in the plane. Therefore, in order to align the tiles in the plane or need to buy expensive devices or to have a great experience. The main difficulty in the process of laying tiles is to create on its surface and a uniform force required to tile is flat relative to other tiles.

When the tile is placed on an unprepared surface, there should have experience or expensive device. But now, with a large number of different building materials, tile is often placed on the already prepared surface (for example on plasterboard).

Offered below device used to align the tiles in the plane when it is placed on the prepared surface.

The offered device represents equal plastic balls of identical diameter. Such balls can be sold in construction shops together with plastic crosses. Crosses are used to align the tile joints, and the balls be used to align the plates in a plane.

Currently, the device is applied for patent of the Russian Federation (№ 2014101153).

There is an opportunity for the international patenting (till January 2015).

More detailed information can be see:

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