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Flat planar concentrator of solar energy

Flat planar concentrator of solar energy

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Concentrating of solar energy is a highly important task in the field of development of solar energy systems. The main principle of concentration is the focusing of solar lights on a smaller area of receiver either semiconductor solar cell or thermal absorber. Thus, the application of concentrators allows to reduce the amount of expensive solar cells or thermal receivers and to reduce the price of the solar energy system.
Existing solar energy concentrators, either mirror-reflection or lens-refraction based, have many disadvantages and economically are not effective.
Completely new, low cost, high efficient flat planar concentrator of solar rays is proposed. Concentrator has several advantages in comparison with existing parabolic through or Fresnel lens type concentrators. The proposed concentrator has the simple planar panel structure and it does not require a significant focal distance. The solar rays are incident to the flat surface and concentrated on to the one edge of panel, where the receivers are placed. The efficiency of concentrator is 80%. The other advantages are simplified sun tracking, less wind loading and small maintenance costs.
The proposed innovation is a cardinally new approach in solar technologies. The concentrator effectively can be used for concentration of solar rays and transformation of solar energy into electric or thermal energies.

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