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Door Extension Cord is an extendable plug and socket system that enables an electronic device to be plugged into an outlet otherwise blocked by a doorway.


Purpose & Benefits

Allows electrical power to be transferred from one room to another despite obstruction from a door.

Accepts both plugs and sockets on its extendable end via interchangeable plates.

Adapts to fit any door with an adjustable design that can be raised or lowered.

Eliminates the problem of an extension cord blocking a door from closing.

Operates in multiple countries thanks to various interchangeable plug and outlet plates.

Problems Solved
A person may desire an electrical device to be operated in one room of a house or building but there may be no outlet into which the device may be plugged, or all sockets may already be occupied. The only alternative may be to not use the device, or to run an extension cord from one room to another. However, this process may eliminate the door's ability to fully close. Or the person simply may not own an extension cord that is long enough to be functionable.

Detailed Description & Features
Door Extension Cord is an adjustable extension cord which features a socket on one side and a reeled extension cord on the opposite end. The device is intended to fit underneath doorways, allowing a user to connect electrical devices in a home without the worry of cords interfering with the opening or closing of a door. This innovative product may be comprised of a flat piece of plastic capable of fitting underneath a doorway, an electrical plug-end, and an electrical socket end. There may be two adjustable fittings that extend vertically from either end of the flat piece which can be raised or lowered. One of the fittings may be a standard socket-outlet while the other end may contain an adapter with a reeled extension, stored internally, which allows the adapter to travel outward. The device may also retract should the reeled end be pulled tightly. The adapter may be designed to accommodate various interchangeable plug and outlet plates to suit the need of the user. Once connected, the device may act as an extension cord to carry electricity from a wall outlet to a device in another location without physical interference from a door.

Door Extension Cord can be constructed using durable, long-lasting, and flexible materials such as plastic. The device’s internal wiring can be constructed with general electrical materials such as copper and other conductive metals. Exact size, measurement, and color specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

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