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Many people would like to move faster, because they are getting pleasure from it. So as to give people this opportunity, we have developed yostick: environmentally friendly vehicle for active recreation. The driver of the yostick stands on conventional roller skates or skateboard, and yostick allows to move with great speed, without putting the great effort. Unlike competitors, yostick has very simple design, so the price of this product would be quite low. Using the yostick is allowed to move quickly on foot or bicycle paths and overcome any irregularities, which could meet on the way. Yostick guarantees safety and stability due to the location of the points of support, which is control by the driver. Moreover, in combination, for example, with the roller skates, yostick is a very maneuverable vehicle and indicate a minimal threat to pedestrians. There is no doubt that lots of extreme and pro riders will be fond of yostick, but the target audience for this product is much wider. The majority of roller fans skates in locations which are not far from their homes. Constant skating in one place couldn’t bring any new sensations. Yostick gives exceptional feelings from skating in usual places and it allows to make a real journey through the city to everyone.

International Application No. PCT/RU2014/000880 is registered.

I plan to use Kickstarter to collect the money for the first batch production. Looking for business partner/investor who can register a company in US or EU preferably for effective crowdfunding. All exclusive rights on yostick will be transferred to this company for free. I think the further production of yosticks can be arranged in China.

These photos and videos presents yostick's prototypes only. Production model and design are not developed yet.

Skype: airdisk1


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