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Topfrino - spoil over protector for your kitchen preserving burned in dirt and cleaning it after
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Topfrino - spoil over protector for your kitchen preserving burned in dirt and cleaning it after

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Cooking goods such as potatoes, nuddles or soups oder skilly often can overboil if not standing watching them all the time. Therey are many of products helping that, but this new product is overwelming the disadvantages of all of them.

This is a silikon rubber ring, witch is shaped as a grooveder at the border of a pott and will prevebt over cooking. The new advanteg ist, that user is staying to use normal lid of the pot. So there will be no change in using the product and cooking. User can clean it by hands or in a dishwasher. The silikon ring can be folded for storing it or even better: our tip is after washing to put it again on the border of the pott and to store it together. So user will nit forget it next time.

And if one time "there dindt happen over burnig" - it does not matter, it will happen moire often then in your car airbags will be activated.

That will save You a lot of time: one can do more things in a household parallely. You mast not stay watching: just do another work or your hobby. Also energy savings are one of the advantages because user never need to cook without the lid. And lis can save approximately up to 40 % energy.

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