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As is known to all, China has rich bamboo resources and bamboo has excellent material performance and cheap price. When it recombines with all sorts of plastics, the made composite (also named bamboo-plastic composites) possesses much better performances, like than general plastics like UPVC, HDPE, PP, etc. or engineering plastics like PA, ABS, etc. The composite is characterized by high-strength, light-weight, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, temperature resistance and anti-aging, and of great value in engineering.
The bamboo-plastic composite pipe is produced by coiling molding technique. The available specifications are: diameters range from 300mm to 3000mm, lengths range from 6000mm to 9000mm.
The composite pipe can be used in high, medium and low pressure transport of all sorts of liquid and solid slurry. It also has great market in municipal engineering, water conservancy irrigation, petrochemicals, metallurgical mining, thermal power, building construction, and other industries.
Technical innovations:
Using bamboo as reinforcing material:
The bamboo resources are rich and the prices are cheap, only 7% that of HDPE. The performance is excellent, and its tensile strength is 7~20 times that of HDPE. So the made bamboo-plastic composite pipe is more competitive.
Coiling molding: wide fabic (bamboo mat) coiling and reactive molding
First coat matrix material on the mat. Then coil into pipe over internal model. And both the inside and outside surface of pipe can use other fabrics to improve appearances. During the process of coiling molding, matrix material begins to polymerize or solidify, which is synchronized with the molding and is handled without pressure. Besides, this molding process is high efficient and the size of products is more easier to extend.
Long fiber reinforcement:
The bamboo-plastic composite pipe is a type of long fiber reinforced composite, and its performance is far better than the existing short fiber reinforced composite pipe made by centrifugal casting.
Multiple composite pipes can be produced in the same production system:
Different composite pipes can be produced by adjusting matrix material and the content of bamboo in accordance with different product requirements. And each processing parameter is set up on the basis of types of the composite. After setting, it can be automatically controlled.
Broad market prospect in the following industries:
Municipal Engineering: urban diversion, supply and drainage pipeline.
Diversion pipeline: from water sources to waterworks.
Supply pipeline: from waterworks to users.
Drainage pipeline: from users to sewage treatment plants or rivers.
Water Conservancy Irrigation.

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