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The modified MC nylon pipePatent2005100891670
MC nylon pipeMC nylon pipe

The modified MC nylon pipePatent2005100891670

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Its material properties are high strength, light weight, abrasion resiatance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and anti-aging, which are far better than the general-purpose plastics like UPVC, HDPE, PP,etc., and of large value in engineering.
More different modified materials added in MC nylon might produce various modified MC nylons, such as reinforced MC nylon, oil-bearing MC nylon, abrasion-resistant MC nylon,etc., which have more wider applications with superior properties.
The specifications: its diameters range from 200mm to 3000mm; lengths range from 6000mm to 8000mm.
It can be applied in the construction and restoration of following industies' pipelines:
Municipal engineering: water-supply pipeline, gas-supply pipeline and heating pipeline. The application in the construction and restoration of heating pipeline has predominent advantages.
River dredging: slurry transportation pipeline
Thermal power: fly-ash transportation pipeline
Petroleum exploitation: the transportation pipelines of liquid mixture, sewage, petroleum, gas,etc.;
Chemical industry: corrosive medium transportation pipeline
Metallurgical mine: mineral powder and tailings transportation pipeline;
Building materials: concrete slurry transportation pipeline and cement collecting pipeline;
Coal industry: drainage and water pipeline; ventilation duct; guniting pipe; gas pipeline of negative pressure drainage; pulverized coal transportation pipeline;
Machinery industry: machine shell of screw conveyor.
The production techniques: centrifugal casting and reactive molding. Cast the activated materials of modified MC nylon into high-speed rotating mould. Then materials will adhere to the inner wall of the mould and set off chemical reaction. This reaction is synchronized with the molding process without any pressure, which avoids the sticky problem of uneven heating. In this way, the efficiency is higher than the extrusion technique, and the scale of production can be easily enlarged.
The material strength and temperature resistance of modified MC nylon are far better than plastics like UPVC, HDPE and PP. And therefore, its specifications and applications far outweigh all kinds of existing plastic pipelines.