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National Patents: 201120047489.x;201120145598.5
This type of reciprocating pump uses sprocket-and-chain structure to drive piston, which removes the limitation of crank-connecting mechanism. On the one hand, the motion of piston is constant and consumes low energy. On the other hand, the piston stroke is long and the relevant valves switch unfrequently, so valves' service lives are long. Besides, it's easy to upsize.
Compared with the existing pumps, an energy-efficient chain-drive sprocket reciprocating pump has high efficiency, high head, large flow and strong adaptability to adjust flow and head at will. The output power automatically adjusts with different working conditions, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. It is anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive with long service life.
The spcifications are classified by output power (flow×head) and maximum head. Within the allowed maximum head, flow and head can be adjusted freely and continuously. So its spcifications are largely reduced, and each specification might cover a dozen or even dozens of specifications of impeller pump. Abviously, its production and use become more convenient.
The Application and Derivatives of the energy-efficient chain-drive sprocket reciprocating pump:
a. High-lift pump
It can product high-head pump to make up for the low-head impeller pump. It can be used in various industries. Some representative high-head pumps are:
Waterflood pump and slurry pump in oil industry; deep mine drainage pump in coal industry; lift pump in large irrigation and drainage pumping station, etc.
b. Chemical pump
As the impeller pump has poor anti-corrosion quality, the service life of a chemical pump is short. At present, the market is crying out for chemical pump with large flow, high head, and long service life.
The anti-corrosion materials like stainless steel can be used to produce chain-drive sprocket reciprocating pump, or do perservative treatment to produce chemical pump for transporting all kinds of corrosive mediums. It has a huge market.
c. Other derivatives
Based on the above advantages of reciprocating pump, the following derivatives can be produced:
Secondary water-supply system in high buildings; minipumper; the ship drive system; high pressure gas-compressor.

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