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Construction using conical brick this is a new method help to improve building methods using brick units that would increase shear stress more than the currently bricks and reduce the construction cost, time and effort.
Is done by designing the 8 heads cone shaped in the brick surface with specified dimensions.
It is look like the tree. The tree proving itself through its roots.
Settles heads in the cylindrical void located in the lower brick to serve as land for the tree.
The head like conical shape and the voids like cylindrical shape fill the void between the surface of the cone and cylinder using welding material (cement mortar).
the right side of the brick containing a void and the other side of brick containing salience
with the same distance in the right side and that mean more strong correlation between units of brick.
For easy spill cement in the cylindrical voids the model is designed to meet this purpose it is a body contains the same diameter circular that be found in the bricks and with the same distances, which would easily allow the passage of cement bricks in the voids and saving more cement time construction and ease of implementation. waste

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