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Intellexer - Natural Language Processing and Text Mining API

Intellexer - Natural Language Processing and Text Mining API

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Intellexer API is a cloud service that enables developers to embed natural language processing and text analysis tools in consumer and enterprise applications, or web-services using JSON or XML.

Intellexer API methods can be called from any programming language or software component that supports HTTP requests.

Intellexer API includes the following semantic solutions:

Sentiment Analyzer is a powerful and efficient solution that automatically extracts sentimens, opinion objects and emotions in unstructured text data.

Named Entity Recognizer identifies elements in text and classifies them into predefined categories. Additionally this module allows identifying the relations between named entities.

Summarizer automatically generates a summary (short description) of a document with its main ideas.

Multi-Document Summarizer with Related Facts automatically generates a summary (short description) from multiple documents with their main ideas.

Comparator is a module that accurately compares documents of any format and determines the degree of similarity between them.

Clusterizer hierarchically sorts an array of documents or terms from given texts.

Natural Language Interface transforms Natural Language Queries into Boolean queries.

Preformator extracts plain text and information about the text layout from documents of different formats.

Language Recognizer identifies the language and character encoding of incoming documents.

Spellchecker automatically corrects spelling errors due to well-chosen statistic and linguistic rules.

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