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We have real results in the form of industrial designs, as well as working prototypes. Our technologies allow the use of the properties of materials and force fields that previously could not be anyone to use in existing products. We got a real effect which will give at its widespread introduction of huge energy savings. It is used for heating, water heating, and all technologies related to the heat. Our devices consume five times less energy than expend power.
However, they are fully compatible with existing systems and the cost is not higher, and often lower than analogues with lower efficiency. Now we need to transfer this technology to production workers. At this point, we feel certain difficulties and we hope that you will help a useful innovation to be realized. The economic effect of these huge. We do not have patents, as it is very long and expensive. We provide the right to patent those who want to get efficient technologies. All of what we say is real and easily check their work. I ask interested parties to contact us to verify the reality of the prospects.

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