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Material: fabric, capsicum, menthol, crystals, ginger, borneol etc
Application: relieve rheumatism & muscle pain like lumbago, chest, headache, toothache

Good quality with competitive price, CE & ISO

Capsicum plaster:
1. Ingredients: capsicum, menthol crystals and borneol
2. Description: capsicum plaster is a medicated plaster with a skin color cloth base which contains extract of capsicum and extract of ginger
Both ingredients are effective in relieving rheumatism, also effective for other muscular pain like lumbago, chest and lung complaints, headache, toothache
The plaster could be perforated to allow free passage of air and to improve adhesion to the skin
Plaster also contains camphora and borneol which act as a rubefacient and mild analgesic
Plaster is cut to suitable size which is very handy and easy to apply
3. Size: 4x6.4cm, 10x18cm, 12x18cm (according to customer's requirement)
4. Structures: this plaster is composed of far-infrared nano-powder, rare-earth magnetic powder, matrix, anti-sticking layer, nonwoven fabric or polyester-cotton fabric
5. Packing detail: 20pcs/24pcs/50pcs /box
6. Indications: apply to the adjuvant treatment of cervical pain, periarthritis of shoulder, Lumbar sprain , strain of lumbar muscles and legs or feet pain symptoms
7. Directions: for external use only, peel off the anti-sticking layer and apply the plaster on the affected area(s) flatly, remove one sheet every 24 hours for replacement and 10 days for one course of treatment
8. Cautions:
a. Avoid if you are allergic to plaster, if severe hyper sensitiveness or reaction happens, you should go to hospital
b. Avoid using it for broken skin (forbidden for non-healing surface of wound)
c. Pregnant women or women in breast feeding should not use it
d. Children should use it under under the guidance of physician
e. Storage sealed, put it in shady place, not exceeding 20°C, avoid using it when the character has changed.









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