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Innovative cyber security application to replace the common password and combat rising cyber attacks. A global opportunity with a lucrative SaaS revenue model. Patent pending.

PassNumber invention is a revolutionary method that allows users to be authenticated in order to sign in their different cyber and electronic accounts (e.g., handheld, desktop, laptop). Smart, easy and yet secured method to replace the classic authentication method, the Password.
This application enables organizations to add layers of security without sacrificing ease-of-use for the consumers.
PassNumber considered as image-based authentication method, the future of accounts authentication methods as Apple Inc. got involved in this field recently.

The situation of classic password security reputation:
•90% of user-generated passwords vulnerable to hacking.
•80% of successful hacking attempts due to passwords weakness.
•“password security statistics” .. google it for more scary stories!

Passnumber's method and application advantages:
•Easy to use and remember than password method.
•This method is very useful to be used to secure online accounts, identities, and transactions in any type of environments (e.g. Operating systems, Websites, and applications)
•Protected against common account breaking methods (e.g. BruteForce Attack, Keyloggers, Phishing, Rainbow Table, Shoulder surfing).
•Affordable, configurable and easy to deploy since it can be merged with any type of system, anywhere in the authentication process.
•Greatly in demand as a solution for the ascending cyber-attacks and hackism.

PassNumber method is applicable to implement in:
•All websites types (e.g. PHP – ASP .Net – Java - Python).
•All operating systems applications (e.g. Windows – MAC – Linux).
•Enterprise Management Systems EMS (e.g. Alfresco – Sharepoint).
•Customer Relationship Management platforms CRM (e.g. Oracle – Salesforce – Zendesk).

PassNumber technology is useful in many Industries:
•Banking and Finance.
•Social Networks.
•Other Industries (Almost every electronic service in need for identities’ authentication).

Risks and challenges:
•Building wide range of products based on this technology needs the professional team and perfect environment.
•User experience UX at higher levels of PassNumer securities.
•PassNumber application code language in need to be converted into other programming languages (e.g. ASP.Net – Java - Python).
•Delay of marketing and upgrading could lead to letting competitors duplicate the idea.

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