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This Inventions provides:
A designated spot for the most needed tools for around repairs.
Holds common tools used for most household fixes and repairs.
Storage Bins for “Nails”, “Picture hangers”, “Tacks” and other small hardware.
Doors on cabinet keeps tools safe and out of the way.
Small size of approximately: 2 FT. X 3 FT. X 4 IN.
Possible Chalk or Bulletin Board on front of cabinet.
Could be manufactured to blend in with different interior finishes. Even a custom wood Cabinet.
Ease of mounting. Attach hanging strip to surface first, then drop cabinet on hanging strip.
Ability to be mounted on a wall or door. With wall anchors or removal (3M) type anchors.
Can be placed inside of pantry, hall or guest closet (back of door) or utility room.

All my friends who have seen the picture of the tool organizer like it and can’t wait for it to go on the market.

I have never seen anything like this in any hardware or retail outlet. It would make an excellent Birthday or Christmas gift for that person who has everything.

Just think about how much less frustrating it would be if you knew that your tools were handy all in one location, especially on Christmas eve when you have to put together all the kids new toys.

There are over 5,000 (US) hardware outlets, if each one sold 10 units a month it would yield 600,000 in one year only.

Organizer can be manufactured for use with other items or types of tools, not just common tools used around the house.

US Patent: US 9,358,680 B1

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