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Battery-powered LED Lamps are controlled by invisibly encoded information in a flashlight beam. Lamps can deliver full power for as long as needed, and only as needed.

US patent 9,386,667 B2

Banish the night with a flick of the wrist:
▬ turn on outdoor LED lights with a flashlight;
▬ lamp batteries draw power only as needed;
▬ lamps can provide full, useful illumination (unlike landscape lighting);
▬ they respond only to invisible information encoded in the flashlight;
▬ no false-tripping, the bane of motion detectors;
▬ useful any place without AC power: detached patio, car port, rural livestock pens, even inside unpowered buildings;
▬ lamps can be solar powered -- a four-inch square cell provides 60 Watts equivalent power for an hour each night;
▬ flashlights and lamps can be sold as sets, and individual units offered at a higher margin. Once deployed, expansion of lamp coverage becomes a natural progression (more units sold);


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