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Bucket wheel excavator is an important mining equipment for large project of great amount of mining and long service, especially suitable for open pit, large earthworks and other applications. The equipment is important during continuous mining process of mining, transportation and casting. Bucket wheel excavator can run continuously with high efficiency and low consumption. Stripping rock by bucket wheel excavator does not need drilling, blasting and other processes, meanwhile, effectively reduces the emission of harmful substances. Bucket wheel excavators can also be used for the mine of good occurrence condition and softer structure.
According to the equipment structure and rated productivity, bucket wheel excavator can be divided into unloading bridges / large mining; unloading cantilever / compact mining; unloading bridges / giant mining.
Our company provides all series of bucket wheel excavators in standard or long type, powered by diesel engine or electricity. Non- standard design is also available based on user's requirements.

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