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A system for remotely indicating a power state (ON-OFF) of a home appliances This system is easily configurable and flexible tool for smart home security systems and provides a universal and reliable mechanism to control the power state of appliances .The home appliances do not need any adjustment.This system helps to prevent house fires, property damage and save electricity.
 All home and commercial electrical and electronic appliances ,even a gas stove, have a power status LED (light –emitting diode) indicator on the front panel of the devices. The optical sensor,  attached on the top of the power status LED of  the appliance, can be used to determine if the appliance is ON  or OFF.  The power state LED has two states and emits light when appliance is ON and does not - if OFF. Optical sensor  comprises an optical sensor (photo transistor, photo diode or photo resistor...), radio frequency  (RF) transmitter  and battery (or accumulator)  The warning unit  comprises a RF receiver, battery or accumulator  and video and audio alarm device.

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