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NGW series reducer is an involute spur planetary gear reducer, which adopts advanced technology and novel structure. It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, lifting, transportation, textile, dyeing, chemical, light industry, etc.

1, Light weight, small size: compared with the common cylindrical gear reducer, its weight is reduced by more than 1/2, the volume can be reduced by 1/2-1/3
2, High transmission efficiency: with single-stage transmission efficiency of 0.97, double-stage up to 0.94, three-stage up to 0.9
3, Wide transmitted power range: from 1 kilowatt to 1300 kilowatts
4, Using hard tooth surface which has long service life and wide applicability

Applicable conditions
1. The maximum speed of the high-speed shaft does not exceed 1500 rpm
2, The peripheral speed of the gear does not exceed 10 meters / second
3, The working environment temperature is -40 ~ 45c
4, Both forward and backward rotating direction are available.
The company can also provide ZDY (ZLY, ZSY), DBY (DCY) series crane reducer, NGW (NGW-S, NGW-L), NAD (NBD, NCD), NAF (NBF, NCF), TX series planetary gear reducer, BW (BWY, BL, BLY), X series cycloid reducer, ZJ, ZJY series shaft-mounted reducer, TCJ series gear reducer, and TDY75, JBT (YBT, WBT, YDT, JDT)φ200 -φ1000 motorized pulley of oil-cooled, oil-immersed, exterior-mounted and rubber-coated.

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