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The idlers set, produced by Shenyang Juli engineering Co., Ltd., has a complete product line, a wide application range and excellent quality. Its types include troughed idler set, parallel idler set, aligning idler set, impact idler set. According to the material it can be divided into rubber idler, porcelain idler, nylon idler and insulation idler. All of them can meet the installation requirements on TD75 belt conveyor, other special sizes are available upon customer request. Troughed idlers include common type, forward-tilt type, quick change bearing type, hanging type, variable groove type, transition type, V-type, etc.; parallel idlers have common type, comb type, forward type, steel rubber type, spiral type, etc.; aligning idlers have common type, friction reversing type, reinforced type, cone type, spiral type, combination type, etc.; impact idlers include spring-plate type, buffer-ring type, reinforced type, spring-adjustable type, hanging type and so on. All kinds of idlers have advanced structure and reliable performance. The material for roller skin has been rigorously selected, and high-quality special welded pipes have been used on strict tolerance requirements. The shaft material adopts cold-drawn round steel, the bearing block is stamped by high-quality steel plate. The sealing structure adopts PDC mode with three sealing devices, so its dustproof and waterproof performance are superior to the relevant national standards. After installation, the idlers have the advantages of good strength, small radial play eccentricity, small rotation resistance, light weight, low energy consumption and long service life, generally exceeding 30,000 hours.

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