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With the project Eco sanitary flushing System with patented discharge valve and trigering mechanism therfore the innovator Ales Rajster has developed an entirely new flushing system, particularly due to the large water savings and solving the problem of the excessive use of sanitary water. Besides the global and increasing problems of the shortage of drinking water and the need for environmental protection, the financial aspect and the greater awareness that every individual in his/her everyday life may be able to contribute to the resolution of these common problems, are also important. Due to its design, the Eco sanitary flushing system is substantially more economical, simpler and less expensive than any other flushing cistern known on the market. It works on the principle of a pressu re vessel and com pressed air, which pushes the water at high speed into the sanitary bowl. This saves up to 50% of the water, because the system provides the same quality of flushing with a significantly smaller amount of water consumed. As a conseq uence, the sanitary discharges into the sewage system are also red uced . The Eco sanitary flushing cistern contains less components, thus is simpler and less expensive to manufacture . All the components are made from recyclable materials. The advantages of the Eco sanitary flushing cistern is also reflected in the installation. Due to its dimensions and shape it does not differ from the existing flushing cisterns, and therefore enables a quick and simple installation, and replacement for the old flushing cistern. The use of the Eco sanitary flushing cistern can significantly impact on the sustainable and social development of current and future generations, and improve the quality of life. For individual users, the immediate effects are shown in the lower purchase cost and the savings in water consumption in the household, while their quality of life does is not reduced.

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