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UKEKA ® Children’s Custom Training Clock

UKEKA ® Children’s Custom Training Clock

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UKEKA ® “Children’s Custom Training Clock” is a product designed to establish rules and develop good living habits for children over 3 years of age.
Appearance refers to the shape and color of the sun flower, symbolizing that the child is the sun of tomorrow; the product is fully functional, and combines the daily activities of the child at various times of the day, evaluation management, reward, and punishment as one. Flexible adjustments and free settings can meet the needs of different parents in managing their children’s daily behaviors and establish basic behavioral norms.

Parents can follow the step-by-step principle according to children’s different characteristics, living environments and family conditions to adjust flexibly, set freely, and formulate training plans that meet the child’s characteristics.
Custom development process: Children can establish good habits through external motivations (rewards) - transit to stable habits (gradually reduce rewards) - and form lifelong habits ( external rewards are no longer necessary).

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