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Enhanced Efficiency Isolated Wind Power Plant
Jump into the future of autonomous power generation
This invention is capable of producing energy all day regardless of daytime and weather. It can store the plus energy generated.
Compared to other technologies:
-It is more efficient, because it can work all day.
-It can store the plus energy.
-It can be build on the rooftop or in the garden.
-It doesn’t require special materials to build, so it is cheap.
-It can work in weak wind.
-It is safe.
-It can be set to produce electrical energy all day.
-It’s poweroutput can vary from 5KW to 20KW.

Isolated means that this device can work without the of connecting to the public electric network and it stores the plus energy.
This can be thanks to the engine room because not only the wind turbine generates electrical energy but the engine room too.
Furthermore a wind farm can be build from it and it will be even more efficient in this way.
We are working on a prototype, but our funds are running low.
Here is the translation of the patent:

If you have any question feel free to ask.

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