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The double-jaw hacksaw is a hacksaw to cut metal (as well as other materials) from both sides using two blades as two jaws; it has two springs to close the jaws and produce easier and faster cutting.
It consists of the ordinary hacksaw in the form of the upper jaw added to it another moving blade fixed to spring as the other jaw; this lower blade is fixed to spring and slides inside a hole to move upward during cutting.
It is used by pulling the lower jaw and putting the piece between the two blades and start cutting.

How does this tool solve an end user need/how does this tool benefit the end user?
1) In my machine there are two springs to supply with enough pressing for easier cutting.
2) My machine has two blades to cut from both sides at the same time for faster cutting.
3) The blades in my machine are closed solving the problem of a loose hacksaw and causing cutting to be straight forward.
4) It is easy to use and can be used by anyone ; there is not a need for an expert to cut straight forward.
5) The time the two blades last before replacement is double the time is needed for an ordinary hacksaw;we have two blades and they share cutting.
6) Using my hacksaw we can focus on moving the hacksaw and neglecting pressing; this will enable us to cut with faster speeds.

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