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A Computer System for Automated Reasoning to find implicit information in Natural Language Sentences. Our intelligent software program has an inductive and deductive automated reasoning. It can find and display implicit information that is not explicitly mentioned in the text, not contained in the synonyms of the particular word, or present in the concept the word belongs to. No other analysis can detect this information. Nevertheless, this implicit information is understood, implicitly, consciously or unconsciously, by everybody who reads the text. For example if we type in "John shot a partridge", the program will print out "John is a hunter", because partridge is a wild game bird, if one types in "John slaughters chicken", the program will print out "John is a butcher", because chicken are domestic poultry, if one types in "John killed Susan", the program will print out "John is a murderer", "Susan is dead", etc.
Note that one can substitute the names John, Ann, etc, with any other name (contained in our database) or with any human being, male or female (man, woman, priest, president, etc.).
The implicit information will help the search engines find more accurately the information we are seeking. Our technology can serve as a basis to build an artificial intellect, chatbot, humanoid robot, capable of independent thinking, situation assessment and decision taking, based on Natural Language. Languages: English and German. With the same method, one can develop similar software programs for other languages.
U.S.8560305 B1, published on 15.10.2013.

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