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The purpose of the present invention is consequently proposing an apparatus of portable datum storage to interface USB protected by parameters biometric and equipped with an accessible datum processor biometric by the interface USB and with a detector of fingerprints, as well as associated methods to detect with accuracy of the fingerprints, detector which must be compact, reliable and good market for thus curing the many disadvantages of the conventional optical detectors thanks to the use of capacitive detectors or electrical field.

In addition, international application WO 03/003283 Al describes a portable apparatus equipped with possibilities of biometric authentication. However, in this apparatus a recording requires the installation of a software of management in the PC host. Moreover, a memory access nonvolatile of the portable apparatus is also possible using a password with the place of the biometric authentication.

The purpose of the present invention is thus proposing a comprising apparatus biometric USBS a datum processing unit and an apparatus of portable datum storage USB protected by biometric parameters. The information stored within the apparatus is protected by means of given biometric personal fingerprints by the processing unit of biometric fingerprints to which an access is possible by apparatuses hosts USB for the execution of different biometric functions of fingerprints. The way of communication enters a computational platform (comprising an host USB) and the apparatus pass by an interface customer/host of type USB.

The purpose of the invention is another proposing a portable apparatus of datum storage in which a biometric access with the datum processing unit can be made safe by given biometric fingerprints USB, single a person presenting the authorized fingerprints being able to activate the functions of the apparatus of storage. The apparatus can, moreover, act of datum processing unit biometric (fingerprints) for apparatuses hosts USB comprising of the PC hosts and apparatuses USB “with the raised foot”, independently as functions of datum storage to carry out various biometric functions under the control of a software of application carried out on the PC host or the host USB. These biometric functions include/understand the analysis by optical scanning of fingerprints, creation and encoding the given biometric ones of fingerprints, the comparison and the storage of given biometric of fingerprints. The apparatus present in the shape of a portable hard disc equipped with a datum processing unit biometric which can be connected to an host USB via an interface USB. The host USB can then have access with the apparatus of storage to extract from given stored in this one or to store given, the given ones there stored in the apparatus being protected by personal biometric features.

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