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As you know,this year 2010 is year of FIFA world cup,football year !
So we are glad to introduce an innovation for you, magnetic table soccer (foosball)
which very different to traditional rod style, its magnetic control of player movement that is fast flexible freely to play court, so exciting and fun.Beside that , the player can dribble, pass, shoot, 30-40 kinds of available. The table could be played at home,park,sport bar etc, fit for kids and adult amusement, 1vs1,1vs2,2v2... to 4vs4 multiple play modes , so there obviously is huge potential market worldwide. Especially, exciting table game for football fans. Especially, our machine is not only fit for home amusement,but also good for bar,club as arcade machine when equipped with coin system.Now we're looking for intl agents and distributors join us.


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