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We would like to present a new product to you here that is fully in-line with the most important requirement for every innovation today: doing more with less – or in other words achieving a big cut-back in resources with significantly increased performance.
Snow cleaner with the Niederer Rotary Chopper Wheel (patent application by Niederer & CO A-3213 Franlenfels, Austria).

What is about special about the Niederer Rotary Chopper Wheel innovation?

Snow clearers are notorious for their high energy consumption, and this is mainly a result of their conventional rotary wheel construction. The wheel shovels not compartment.
It is the friction here that results in their very high energy consumption.

But all of this has now been changed completely by the remarkable innovation Niederer has introduced. The shovels on snow clearer are attached to the shaft the angle of turn of the shaft. The result: significantly improved snow clearing performance with much lower energy consumption. In other words: the drive energy is used only for getting rid of the snow, because there is virtually no friction and energy waste in the chopper compartment.

The advantages of the Niederer Rotary Chopper Wheel are easily summarized:

=> Much improved snow clearance with far lower drive output; here is an orientation value as an example:
90HP instead of 250HP – and this with a greatly boosted performance.

=> The low energy consumption means a snow with the Niederer Rotary Chopper Wheel can also be attached to less powerful tractors and trucks and do a great job.

=> The Niederer Rotary Chopper Wheel can be installed on existing snow clearers; this means retrofitting is possible at very low costs.

=> The Niederer Rotary Chopper Wheel is also ideal for small, manually operated snow clearers, as well as being the optimal device for big road clearance jobs.


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