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CLINSIT is patented and guarantees a maximum of hygiene in public toilets. This is the vey first applicable lay-on protection. The hygienic cover when using public toilet seats.

No contact betwen skin and toilet seat. CLINSIT is easy to use and fits on every toilet seat. The small handy pocket format is the ideal companion to go.

This product is out of interest for all people moving in public.
The market is huge - millions of people are underway every day.
(In 2003 more than 2 biillions flight tickets were sold).
More than 90% of the people complain about poor hygiene in
public toilets and toilet seats - an unsolved problem so far.

CLINSIT is made out of feathery silk paper. It consists of 62 glued mini-lamellae.

It has a clever folding system which guarantees stability during use.

CLINSIT vanishes after flushing. The dissolving of the glued lamellae avoids any blockage of the drainage.

CLINSIT - the small and handy version contains 8 pieces and is easily placed in every pocket. With 3.00 $ it is very reasonably priced.


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