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Product description
Clothing that allows the user to control the temperature of the clothing through a thermoelectric converter, known as Peltier elements.

How to protect the body from too high or too low temperatures through a special cooling and heating system.

Heat exchanges are attached on both sides of the Peltier elements. Through the operation of the elements, head is generated one one side, and cold on the other. The cold side is classified as the “waste side”. Fluids in the heat exchanger are heated to an optimal temperature through the warming of the Peltier element and can be regulated with a conventional temperature control. This liquid is pumped through a pump into a specially made “climate suit”. This two-layer suit is internally equipped with movable hoses. As a result, the user can adjust and control the body temperature. By changing the polarity of the Peltier element, the “waste side” of the refrigeration is changed to heat.

Target market
This product has high market potential for those are exposed to adverse temperature conditions, such as Firefighters, police officers, the army, motorcyclists, etc.

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