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Khort - Packet Cutter
Khort being usedKhort ready for cleaning - Insert with the blade can be replaced when needed

Khort - Packet Cutter

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Winner product as The Best Invention of the Americas, 2010. Given by Invent Help at INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition)
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Khort is a very creative new product. It is the most practical, safe and hygienic way to open condiment packets. It is so easy to use and so efficient, that you need only use one hand. The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp, and does all the work with ease. Khort is always at hand. It can be glued anywhere in the bar or restaurant, such as napkin dispensers, straw dispensers, signs indicating the tables number, glass counters or wherever you want.


Today, the condiment packet is the most hygienic form of serving mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and various other condiments. Legislation, in some locations prohibits establishments from using the outdated condiment dispensers. It isn\'t rare that the client gets all messy whilst trying to open the packet. Khort solves this problem with comfort and safety. The risk of ruining your clothes is almost none. Khort, brings you more comfort, hygiene, and practicality to your store.


New form of merchandising;
Welcomed by consumers, resolving existing problems;
Intangible gain associated to the brand printed on the product which related to comfort, practicality and hygiene giving the customer a good experience when eating;
Shop owners acceptance. A different product, standing out as a merchandising gift;


Practicality and hygiene / The benefits most mentioned in surveys by users.
Solution / Easy to use product. Solves the difficulty in opening condiment packets.
Novelty / New utensil on restaurant and bar table tops
Stainless steel blade / Doesn\'t rust and opens hundreds of condiment packets per refill.
Security / Designed for quick cleaning and efficiency.


1. Clean the surface where Khort will be placed with alcohol.
2. Remove double faced tape
3. Apply the product to the surface
4. Certify that the product is well fixed
5. Slip the blade refill into position
6. Certify that the blade refill is completely in place
7. Slide the condiment packet through the slip
8. DONE! Your condiment packet is cut and clean, ready to use.