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A new development for Surface & Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) measurements;
Current instruments widely in use are Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) which are very time consuming, e.g. time for a car door measurement may take up between 6 to 8 Hrs.;
Our equipment will do the same measurement for the same object in less than 20 seconds;
We have reached production practice. All future changes are mainly Software related only, e.g. “tweaking measurement time”.

The market, Aero, Military, Automotive etc. needs Equipment which will Measure accurately from the smallest part to the largest panel continuously in a assembly line, e.g. CMM’s cannot provide this;
Our Scanning Equipment can be integrated in a manufacturing line and measure parts faster and more economical than machines in use.
This will save on expenditures, increase overall Product Quality and Profits

The technology is a powerful system using building blocks and a new technology based on a photogrammetric approach to recover three-dimensional information.
The Scanner is using „Building Blocks“. It is possible to serialize or parallelize several single scanner into one sizeable scanner matrix which allows for large surfaces to be measured.
Therefore the measurement and analysis of large point clouds towards measurement results against CAD data will be much faster and more accurate.

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