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Smart Safety Glove  Wrist band for motorcyclists bicyclists and pedestrians

Smart Safety Glove Wrist band for motorcyclists bicyclists and pedestrians

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“Smart LED Safety Glove” or Wrist-band
for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians (SLSG).

Bicyclists, Motorcyclists and Snowmobile must use hand-signals in the USA and internationally.

The problem is that you cannot always see the riders, especially at night.

The SLSG is smart, self-activated low-cost CPU/MEM operated HD blinking LED lights, on a micro custom printed circuit board (PCB) all self contained in a glove. It will detect if you turn right or left or are stopping.

The second function serves as a light beacon for bicycle rider and pedestrians who want the added security, where a light would blink ones short blink for every 2 seconds.

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