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Our company meilinda arts bulit in 2003, locate in world famous city xian, mainly design and produce rubber and latex cartoon molds long term .Until now we’ve developed several series figures including cartoon stars, cute dolls, sport idols, art vase, mini house etc, hundreds of molds for choice. Then by using our latex molds ,you could DIY plaster statues correspondingly, easy to learn with our tech manual. That’s a low cost but profitable business for entrepreneur or investor.

1. Absolutely low investment required, usually several hundred dollars enough including tech and molds, low risk to start up.
2. Profitable coz the plaster material cost very little, but the finished statue could sell at least $3/unit, and average one person can make 50 statues per day by using our molds, so that’s big profit margins obviously.
3. Dealing in daytime and night, shop and booth as your mind, so flexible.
4. Huge market for choice, whoever children or adult is, wherever the present or gift store is, too many channel to deal.
5. Custom made optional, we could design and make the mold especially for you.

1. You could retail or wholesale the finished statues for target market widely, tourism spots, gift or toy stores, shop near to school and so on.
2. You could startup a DIY painting bar, shop or booth for children amusement, supplying white statue and paints for themselves paint fun.
3. You could sell our cartoon molds too, develop franchise biz with brilliant idea. For example, you can make franchise or job advertisement “Repurchase Finished Statues In High Price”. Of course, if they are interested to make and sell statues, they have to learn the tech and buy the molds in advance…

If you still have any questions, welcome to contact us in details.


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