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The wind turbine in a combined nozzle is a new electric power plant for profitable electricity production. Its basic purpose(under the same conditions) is to generate 3 to 4 times more electricity than the present-day standard turbines do (without the nozzle) with the same rotor diameter and the same height.The combined nozzle concentrates, accelerates and controls free air streaming and with the cube of the wind speed increases the turbine power and its profitability severalfold. If the solar photovoltaic cells are mounted on the joint rotary mechanism, the combined system thus obtained can economically yield electricity from wind and the sun.
Advantages:The new Wind Turbine in a Combined Nozzle with Solar Cells can yield four times more clean, cheap and renewable electric power.
Intended use: The new wind turbines may be incorporated into an electric power system or operate independently. They can be small (up to 15 kW), medium-sized (up to 250 kW) and large (up to 2.5 MW)

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