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Rubik's co-inventor's new toys and games
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Rubik's co-inventor's new toys and games

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Mr. Rubik’s co-inventor’s box-type magic toys are very unique with their original construction (US Patent 5,184,822 and US 61/375,932).

All toys shown on the video belong to one brand-new invention. A theoretically new method is used according to this invention for moving and rearranging the playing elements in a box. This allows creating big assortment of different challenging toys within the invention. Hopefully, similarly to the Rubik’s Cube many kinds of magic boxes will be born.

Solution rules for all these toys are very new, special and challenging. One Swiss boy sad: This is like a mathematical Rubik’s Cube. The iPhone version has to be moved (manipulated) exactly the same way like the toy apparatus.

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