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This novel solar concentrator captures and redirects sunlight through a coupled concentration chamber to small PV cells. It has low profile, is suited to low cost manufacture, and can be applied to roof top systems or ground mounted systems.

Traditional solar photovoltaic (PV) concentrators tend to be bulky and expensive to produce requiring precision lenses to capture and concentrate the light onto small targets. Some of the designs covered by this patent family use small tracking mirrors coupled to a concentration chamber that guides the sunlight to a reduced area solar cell. Other configurations also described in this patent family exploit the properties of total internal reflection using cavities in solid materials to capture and channel light in the concentration chamber. The resulting designs therefore have much lower profile than traditional systems and are easy to fabricate.

The market for solar PV concentrators is growing rapidly. According to the Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report 2010, the US market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 75% over the next five years to 2015 ( Several companies are gearing up for this growing market. One such company is Morgan Solar ( who are seeking to commercialize products using some of the principles disclosed in these patents. Others in the industry include Solfocus (, and Concentrix ( whose systems would likely be more bulky than designs disclosed in these patents.

The entire patent family is for sale, which includes pending patents in numerous countries including the US and Canada, and granted patents in Singapore and South Africa.

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