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Swim Suites is a new-patented invention for hanging wet swimsuits.
The Product is made of Plexiglas (acrylic); it is two fold as to add a poster, information and or advertising (eg: Hotels, Cruise ships etc.). At the bottom is a trough with a sponge to catch dripping water from suit; the water will evaporate thus no maintenance. It has three hooks to hang suits on (eg: one mans suit & top & bottom of a bikini).
The main selling points to a hotel are 1) no water damage to carpet in room 2). Supply information about hotel (eg; check out times, room service menu, map of hotel, emergency exits etc.) 3). Sell advertising to local merchants, & things to do in the city. 4). Most important adding a touch of class to the room.
Selling points for home use are 1). Not taking a shower with your suit hanging with you. 2). Having a place for the kids to put their suits instead of on the floor. 3). Interchangeable posters (kids room pokemon – Parents room nice sunset or wallpaper to match their décor).

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