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What M³R advertising:
The successful mobile billboard industry is a part of American life, providing advertising opportunities for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Despite its success, this industry overlooks a vast untapped market sector which includes
• Indoor shopping malls
• Exhibitions and show fairs
• Airports and transportation terminals
• Indoor specialty clubs (sports, social, health)
• The entertainment sector
• Convention centers
• Lodging, resort, hospitality, and tourism sector
• Political campaign sector
This untapped market is largely overlooked and under-utilized due to the lack of mobile marketing technology.
The current availability of Micro Mobile Marketing Robot's (M³R) billboard technology opens the gate to this marketing sector. M³R gives you access to the revolutionary revolutionary world of indoor mobile marketing in the form of vibrant, illuminant mobile billboards.

How can you capitalize on M³R key benefits?
• Mobile:
Allows you to connect with people instantly while they are in a shopping mood
• Illumination:
Features glowing double sided billboard, quality graphics and brilliant colors attract your customer’s eye

• Navigation
Can be controlled to easily maneuver through thick crowds
• Audio
Verbal communication from M³R makes your product irresistible
Capture your consumer’s attention and generate lasting interest in your advertised message and brand. Easily glide through crowds and encourage an immediate ‘call to action’
M³R technology revolutionizes the mobile billboard industry by providing a dynamic advertising solution that makes a lasting impression on consumers. With M³R, capture and keep your prospect’s attention.
Consumers are faced with a barrage of easily overlooked forgettable advertisements. Not only is M³R immediately noticeable, its uniqueness ensures that its advertised message vividly stands out in consumers’ memory. M³R ensures that consumers remember and circulate your message
Shedding Light: What industry experts say
According to industry analysts, researchers, and trade representatives who have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards:
Outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
96% of survey respondents perceived mobile advertising as more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
91% of the target market noticed text and graphics on moving truck advertising (3m and the American Trucking Association)
On local traffic routes, exposure to mobile truck advertising ranged from one to four million hits (the Traffic Audit Bureau)
94% of respondents recalled seeing a mobile billboard with 80% recalling the specific advertisement, This exposure resulted in a sales increase of 107% (Product acceptance and Research)
Out-of-home advertising totaled nearly seven billion in annual revenues in 2008 in the U.S. alone (Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Micro Mobile Marketing Robot (M³R) = Double your Success!
The effectiveness of mobile advertising in terms of increasing exposure, capturing consumer attention, making a lasting impact on consumer memory and subsequent buying decisions, and dramatically increasing revenue has already been established in the outdoor sector. The wealth now lies in the indoor mobile marketing sector. M³R gives you access to this revolutionary new world of mobile marketing, and it is ready for you now. The results have already been guaranteed. Now, double them.
On your mark, get set...
Technical specifications
The range of battery capacity is 50 miles per charge or 12 hours with all led lights and 4 brightn

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