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What my product idea is?

My product is the modular vehicle for land and air transport of cargo and passengers. It is a product of a simple and technically feasible way, given the successful combination of car and aircraft.
It consists of modules tug aircraft to drive the mode of land transport and aircraft type gyrocopter. It is designed as an inexpensive and reliable means of transportation, which solves the problem that exists with the helicopter in terms of short to medium radius of operational use, high cost per hour of use, complexity of maintaining the primary circuit, the constant lack of qualified crews and teams to operate and maintain sophisticated models of helicopters.
My concept is to offer to the market an efficient means of transportation, which is a blend of the latest aviation and automotive technology works harmoniously with a combination of general satisfaction. In relation to the projects and models that belong to the previous state of the art, in our project are applied simple solutions that guarantee reliability and economic viability of using both in terms of vehicle production and in terms of cost-effectiveness of use for users.
Market demands that we fully understood and the availability of the latest technologies that are reliable and cheap assure us that we are pioneers in realizing someone's dream of a personal car/aircraft that will be accessible to a wide range of users.

The advantages of this method of transport

Complete comfort on the road without disturbing the flight characteristics of aircraft,
which would resulting installation of integrated circuit for driving on roads in the aircraft.
The ability of transport, cargo, depending on the task. The use of auto gasoline, which is more accessible and cheaper in the field. Putting in the hangar of the vehicle is not required at the airport, reducing operating costs.

Potential users of such vehicles are:
• Military and police units
• Firefighting units
• Electric Power Companies
• Services for the rapid transport of postal items
• Private customers and many others

The product belongs to the field of aeronautics and road traffic. I appreciate that my ideas, MAC, (modular aerocar), is a new step towards the conquest of markets that future personal land/air transport.

Which business sector my idea falls into

The idea belongs to the transport and tourism.

What stage of development my project has reached

The project is under development ideas. Defined requirements and shape of vehicles, as well as the selection of available technologies, needed to obtain the final product.

What is my involvement, what role I would like to maintain?

Participation in the project, the site coordinator in charge of the technical sector of product.

How I see your interest into this project?

As the financial sponsor/partner/mentor or in another role, in line with mutual interests.

What our potential revenues and profits I see in year 3

We get an exclusive opportunity to become a world leader in conquering the market, in relation to new technology and features personal air and road transport, as well as the opportunity that many dream into reality, in relation to mobility, convenience, speed, security, mobility and so on in performing daily tasks, special assignments, recreation, adventure and many other areas where people are engaged, and at a much cheaper and safer method and compared to all previous known solutions.

The next step is the development of industrial design and technical documentation, owever as the product is not technically demanding, there are not require significant resources for the production thereof.

Upon implementation of this step I will be able to make available to the investor detailed product characteristics. From investors or partners is expected the necessary funding to implement the above steps.

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